Friday, August 11, 2006

Things I have noticed so far today whilst being the only person from my team in the office.

  1. The aftertaste of a Double Decker bar tastes surprisingly like a pleasant cup of coffee
  2. Lucozade is great for making really loud burps
  3. VGCats is really funny...but you'll only get the jokes if you're a gamer, or know gamers. I'm the latter. The Sims and Neverwinter Nights is as far as I ever got down that road.
  4. No - one from the other teams in the office comments on the fact you're working on a mystery piece of crochet if you're the only person on your team and the phone has only rung twice all day.
  5. Letter stuffing will make your hands ache
  6. I have teeth shaped indentations on my tongue. According to Google, I must be grinding my teeth out of stress. I have no reason to be stressed.
  7. I appear to have actually got a tan whilst in Worthing.
  8. The other people in this office use the same volume to a) talk on the phone, b) talk to each other and c) talk across the room. This office is loud!

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