Saturday, August 05, 2006

More more more - (how do you like it how do you like it)

More pictures! I'm doing these posts in chunks to avoid complete overload.

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Southampton as we waited there on the way to Worthing. Home! It felt very odd not getting off here.

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 The very picturesque Worthing station. I had to get off here and get a train to Durrington - on -Sea as that was closer to the house below.

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This is the house that I've been staying in. Note the 1930s architecture and all the plants. These plants were under strict not to die whilst I was here, and had to be watered every morning and evening.

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See pretty flowers!

On the Saturday night we walked down to the seafront. These are the quaint beachhuts that you can rent from the council. There is like a 50 year wait for one of these and in essence you are paying to sit in a hut and look at the sea. Very odd and british neh?

The beach at Worthing is nearly all pebbles. When it's high tide and you decide to go swimming this makes for interesting entry of the water as you wade through seaweed and then have to avoid cutting you feet on the stones. But the water is lovely and warm. It is also very very clean. Makes for perfect swimming!

For some reason on the Saturday night there was a street fair. We got to look over lots of gourmet food such as these Breton biscuits...

....giant paella...

...but we settled on dolmades and olives from the big mediterranean stall. I've noticed a real surge in such stalls at these events over the past few years. People must be developing better taste, which is always a good thing.

These are lovely meaty green olives with garlic and basil and something else. Lemon perhaps. Sorry for the fuzzy quality still learning about my camera. Needless to say they were great....

...and provoked this estatic olive eating face from Chris!

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