Thursday, August 17, 2006

Its Raining, its pouring...

The rain is throwing, chucking, dead dropping it down today. The light has taken on that queer dull gloom. Its a day for snuggling up with someone, watching good films and eating good food. But I'm at work, sat here in a pool of fluroescence and bored brainless. I have completed todays tasks to the best of my ability. No one is answering my calls, no one is online and I'm the only person in my team again. Oh what a grey grey day. The grey is eating me up!

I ripped out the rug. It looked too old fashioned and lacy for me to be happy giving it to it's male recipient. So I've started again. This time its rectangular. Hopefully I'll be happier with it this time.

I keep thinking Friday tomorrow Alex, Friday tomorrow. Then a weekend and a birthday party. Then two days, only two days of work. Then, THEN, then I can go to Southampton, move some more stuff into my house, and spend time with my friends. That is of course, if they want to see me.

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