Monday, August 07, 2006

The Last Stand I promise!

And I also promise these are the very last ones!

Chris can cook. See world! I taught him well. Here he is making his favourite scalloped potatoes. He cuts them EXTRA-FINE!

Egg Whites that I whipped and whipped, and beat and beat because they had been very naughty.

Then I tortured them in a hot oven till they became delicioud meringue. We
had this with cream and strawberries. Yum! Eton Mess I think is the technical term.

I then made home made mayonnaise with paprika and coriander to use up the egg yolks. This was fantastic on....

...The selection of BBQ meat left over from a party.

Then Kyle came over. Things go a bit hazy from here on. We had a BBQ, above shows the boys playing with fire, or it would if Kyle hadn't walked in front of the BBQ just as I took the damn picture. Awkward child, but lovely,

Then we went out for Tex - Mex in the eve. Note the blurriness of shot. We bought a Fiesta feast for two with extra sausage stuff for Kyle cause he like sausages. Needless to say we did not finish it all. In fact, it was the undoing of Chris. I shall leave it there. Don't go eating Mexican when you've had BBQ for lunch.

Below is my Passionfruit Margherita. I could have had many manymore of these. But they were £3.75 a time. I had to have one to try as I was on holiday.

Chris too busy eating to be photographed.

A very compliant Kyle, who after seeing my first pic of him, said "That's crap, take a nice one." So I did. You look lovely Kyle.

Just to prove I was actually present. But don't ever sit that close to a Digital Camera. My nose is not that HUGE. EVER! I PROMISE!

This was a BIZZARE shop we walked past on our way home. Foundation underwear, Bridgit Jones style on one side, small teddies and gifty type things on the other side. I thought it was two separate shops at first, but they appeared to only have the one door. People must always think of buying a teddy after they've bought hold it all in knickers and girdles. Don't you?

And finally, Chris and Kyle under the Beardy men at the entrance of the Park. Can you see the resemblance. Well they looked alot more like that in the morn with a nights stubble!


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