Monday, August 07, 2006

Nearly there

The last of the holiday pictures. I kind of gave up taking them half way through the week as I was too busy lazing around. Kudos and thanks to Chris for inviting/letting me talk him into having me in his house for the week. I had a very relaxing time, and it was fantastic to get away from Westbury and boredem for the week. It was also nice to be a in an environment where nothing was expected of me. I drifted from room to room, pandering to my short attention span, and I definately feel better for it.

I watched plenty of trashy telly, read the latest Joanne Harris novel, and Pratchett's Going Postal. Both were good but removed from the authors normal fare. Surprisingly for a Pratchett, GP even has chapters. I wasn't sure I liked that very much, being a creature of habit.

On the Sunday, Chris took me to Arundel. It was fantastic going to visit this little place on the train as the track curves round toward it for miles and you see it appear nestling in the hill. Very fairytale - like.

Chris on the very posh Southern trains. They were even air conditioned, and had very comfy seats.

I got to go in one of these boats. We rowed around the lake and looked at lots of different types of duck. It was like being in a film. I didn't dare row as I'm so clumsy I'd drop the oars. Saying that, Chris is prob more clumsy that me, but i thought as he'd done it before he'd be a better bet.

This is the walk from Arundel town centre to the lake. It was so beautiful and peaceful, even though it was busy with tourists.

Boats on the river at Arundel.

A ruined friary (sp?), and very picturesque.

Chris then made me climb a huge hill which with my blister that covered the whole of my heel on the sole of my feet. But these stunning views made it worthwhile. I'm not sure they are worth the humilating crawl on my hands and knees down a very very steep chalk hill.

We then tried experimenting with camera settings.

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