Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Updating in what seems like an age...

Weeell nowah mah lurverlys!

So far on the ol' homework list:-
  • Dance Essay
  • History Notes
  • History Website Browsing
  • Art work

Looking good neh? I'll do the history this afternoon. Lots of frees as PE is option when you're a sixth former [thank goodness!] and our dance teacher is away so I've done the work she set for our lesson today already. Yes I am good!Everyone be proud of me! *does a little dance*

Today in Alex - land, Alex is wearing film star hair and film star red lipstick woth jeans and a black jumper. apparently it's the look of the moment...but I've always done this! Again she is as always ahead of fashion!Film star hair comes easily when you've got hair like mine which is practically down to your waist....I put it up in a high pony tail, wrap a strand around the bobble, then divide the tail into four, and twist each strand into a loop and pin. I have to keep topping up the lippy, which incidently has the cooloiest name of 'Moulin Rouge'

Just had a tutorial lesson. The wishy washy liberal anglican vicar is coming to be asked questions about religion an science so I've asked alot of nice difficult theological ones:-> Just raising the bar a tad, and besdies there all ones I want answering anyway!

I'm desperately trying to remember the cool song from 'Strictly Ballroom' where the couple are dancing and.. update in the momentI REMEMBERED IT!! Time after time! well the tune anyway! That's been bugging me all day!

On the knitting front!! I'm knitting a cabled scarf for a teachers birthday, one of those doody Rebecca online wrap with sleeves for Fran and trying to finish those blasted mittens foe mum.

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