Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I've just been crocheting with a hairpin. Don't ask. I had to do something to calm me down.

Sarah and I went to dance today at lunchtime. Waited for a detention to finish. Only to be told/asked by Miss B to go away. The year 11's are doing their exam work. We went and got changed. The year 11's weren't using all the space. Sarah and I could have fitted in a corner. That doesn't matter. What mattered was the obnoxiously rude way we were told/ask to leave. Because we only wanted to dance for fun. I know Miss B. is having a bad day because of Presentation evening, but we all are. I'm just as bad as anyon else for misplacing my anger, but I do try not to be rude. Try my very best.

I'm also cross because of the school christmas party, which atm I am paying for out of my savings. ~We did a questionnair and people chose what they wanted. Only now what they want is too expensive for them and none of them are coming. So my £55 hall hire fee is wasted, as is the money we took out of the sicth form fund for the dj. I dislike immensely the sttudue of people here. IF they want something they can organise it themselves.

Tonights homework list so far:-

  • Dance Notation to learn.
  • French Questions
  • Art Pictures.

Stupid presenation evening as well. Oh well back to the grind stone.

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