Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Being ill is nasty

My darling sisters shared their cold/muscus/bug. I actually had a day and half off school..which is loads for m, I have areall fear of missing something important. It all kicked off on the Friday night of last week and today is the only day where I've bugun to feel better. Even Amey says i look better in the face, which is high praise indeed when the last few days I've been reall quite rough.

kniting wise I've contaminated quite a few of the pressies I've been knitting. I'll take pics now and post later when everyon'es recieved. The first lot of Rob's christmas presents arrived today so that's all nice

It's my dad's birthday tomorrow... he'll be all of 45! Gosh my dad only five away from 5 - OH! hehe....Rob and I have bought him a CD by Katie Melua. He likes her.

Still only two offers from Unis so atm I can only go to Bristol or Winchester.

Rob fortunately got paid today so he's not scared about money anymore. We had a great chat last night on the phone..some how I knew he needed to talk so I got him to ring me...leaving me with only 12p credit on my phone. I'll have to top that up on friday. All donations welcome...;)

Anyone been watching strictly come dancing? I love that program. All the mock drama and tears and celebs learning something that's really hard. It makes me want to find some sequins and learn how to dance properly. One day I'll convince Rob that we do need to learn

Any way that's all for now..nothing interesting happenning yet!

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Anonymous said...

--yes to watching 'strictly come dancing' *thumbs up* to that! clashes with X-Factor though doesn't it? well booo to that =D i was wondering, the tops you are sorting out 4 dance company, will we have them in time 4 presentation evening this tues? probably not, that right? x bex x