Monday, November 29, 2004

I always think I have nothing to write and then....

I do!

Crisp cold morning. Beautiful. The condensation in the computer room is making hills and vallies/valleys on the windows. I feel strangly calm today even though it's only a week to the mock exams. I'll revise in a minute. But first my weekend.

Friday I picked up my wages, thought "Sod it!" and decided to spend them instead. And surprise Rob at the same time. I'm such a multi tasker! Trawling through town in my lunch 40 mins, [note not a lunch hour but a lunch 40 mins :-( ] I checked out the newst restaurant/cafe/bar. 'Bushbaby and I' is run by some South Africans, and all the food is sourced from SA. The menu is delicious sounding. So I thought after music practice I'd take him there, do it US style and go out for dessert. Or pudding as we British say.

My plan was nearly foiled when Rob rang to say that he'd only be seeing me for an hour after music practice as his Dad had the car and he couldn't bring a bass and a violin to Westbury on the bike, so he was coming with his mum and going back with her after she'd finished at prayer. "Bother" said I.

However God was smiling on me in a humourous way, and we were unable to do music practice as someone was cleaning the hall during our slot so we had an extra half hour or so.

When we got to the restaurant, it was empty so they were quite okay with us just ordering puddings. I had twice baked redcurrant cheesecake, Rob some rediculously alcoholic milkshake thing called a 'Dom Pedro'. Rob [like he likes to do ;-)] caused a little hassle by ordering a Baileys, and the poor staff were unsure as to whether they had any and went running around the building to find some. Which they did. And Rob was happy. I had some very nice cider with my cheesecake. I blame my Gran for giving me the taste for cider. She likes it at Christmas.

We had a lovely evening talking, and eating, especially when our nice waitress provided some complimentary chocolates.

Saturday was also lovely. At dance I worked really hard on my piece for the church Christmas Party. I'm doing a little ballet solo to the Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Suite. It's going quite well and I have a minute left to choreograph. My dance teacher has lent me a royal blue tutu skirt which I shal wear either with my long sleeve black leo or if it still fits a sparklely royal blue one I have somewhere at home. Which is a point I must practice that tonight.

Then I went home and knitted. Yes folks she knitted . Quite alot. Working on the blue cabled scarf and crocheted hat. Both I am proud to report are finished and pics are coming to a blog near you soon.

Rob and the MILTB picked me up at half 2ish anfd we went to find the new cinema in Bath. After a scary parking incident where some poor girl had to reverse down ramps and around corners, we did find a space and we did eventually find the cinema. It's very new and very nice bu the prices are extorsionate. Having missed the orginal showing we went for, we went o get FILTB's present and rushed back ready for the INCREDIBLES!

Which literally is incredible. I urge you all to go and see it and I refuse to spoil the story for you. I have to say that PIXAR excelled themselves on animating people very well and the whol ^0's classic feel does just the job.

KFC on the way home topped a great day. And Rob taught me how to use a Mixman digital Dj type thing program which was also cool.

I got up early on Sunday. And I did all my work for the weekend before church!! That was also very very cool:-) which meant Rob could come over for lunch. I could go to the lovely candle lit advent service with no electricity and Spend the evening with Rob.

I'm a happy bunny.

There is a new project in the knitting mix.a scarf for Verity's pressie done in amazing Snowflake self striping yarn that is just sooooooooooooooooo soft. But slippy on the needles.

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