Thursday, November 25, 2004

Oh what a day!

Well...yesterday ended up interesting

I was a good girl. I did all my work at school. I rushed home and did some more work. Then I missed the first bus. My all of two mins. To be honest if I'd looked at the time timeable earlier I would have caught it but oh well. So I waited for the next one. But that was an X5 which only takes me to the Market place where Rob lives, have an hour walk in the dark.

So then my one was supposed to come at 5:30. I waited I waited some more. I worked on my knitting, Fran's wrap with sleeves from Rebecca. It's knit in fluffy mohair blend and on slippy metal needles I was dropping stitches everywhere. That was probably due to the sheer coldness of my fingers. I was also doing Fisherman's rib which for me requires far more concentration to manke sure don't go back into normal rib.

I waited some more

Then just to spite me like the cliche at 6pm three buses come at once. I finally get to Robs.

He's waiting at the bus stop in the car.

He's been following my bus around Warminster.

Apparently he tried to phone my mobile but it was at home charging because the battery was flat. So he rang my house just after I'd left at 5. Mum told him I'd gone to the bus stop. So he'd been expecting me half an hour later. So he was all worried. All because I'd forgotton my phone.

Needless to say I wasn't flavour of the month.

But I rectified that with my relentless cheerful mood and happy kisses.

We had a nice evening. Just chilling out.

And a great chat in the car on the way home about money and futures and marriage. I feel all nice and assured...He's going to be a great husband...:-)

Gah....I'm feeling all soppy because me and Carly are sat here looking at wedding dresses...:-)

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