Thursday, September 16, 2004

Thinking of Yesterday

Listening to: Amey playing computer games in the Study Centre with me.
Talking to: Amey about Mum.
Thinking: About what happened yesterday and the relationship with my mum.

Yesterday was an important day. Two years ago yesterday Rob and I got together. It was more through mutual consent rather than one asking the other. Which is a good way of describing our relationship. Things happen by mutual consent. And it's wonderful. The happiest two years of my life so far. Here's to many more.

It's nice to be wanted and needed. And vice versa. I do love him so. He completes my picture..And future to come!!

He told me the much talked about engagement ring will be coming before Christmas....So exciting. It'll be a surprise, but I know he's got very good taste. He bought me a great necklace for my 16th Birthday, and if he sticks with that modern look he can do no wrong. However it'll probably be a sapphire as that's his name for me, Sapphy or Sapphire.

I don't know how my mum'll take it though. I get the impression that she's not very impressed with Rob. Probably because he's not the dashing doctor Son in Law she'd hope for. But I love him and so what if he's a Customer Service Advisor for a mobile phone company with aspirations and a conditional job offer for the Ministry of defense? When I confront her she says that it's fine but I know it's not....Dad loves him, "I've got a lot of time and respect for Rob" Dad likes having another man around in an all girl house.

It's exciting and scary all at the same time. I'm worried that once we're living together Rob'll be sick of my company. But he never seem to get bored with me when we spend long periods of time together. Or that my past will come back and bother him. But we had a new start at Faith Camp. I don't know. I'll just trust him and God to do what's right I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww Alex this is so sweet. Im really excited for you :) Take care sweetie. Love you loads Fran xxxxxxxxxx