Monday, September 20, 2004

Age of Wonders

Listening to: A supply teacher struggling to teach dance. Yes I'm in the cupboard that is the Dance office.
Talking to: No one, though I did just tell JP about the dodgy puters up in the sixth form.
Thinking: Crap...I still have nothing to bring to youth group.

So yesterday. I got up. I went to church. I got bored. It was very hard to deal with. Firstly the new songs we're singing are really awkwardly arranged. Take a lower key and the beginning is too low for the girls to sing,. Take a higher key and the chorus is too high for anyone to sing. It's one of those songs where is you get one note wrong you've lost it for the entire song. Didn't help that both I and Craig our worship leader were amazingingly out of tune the whole time. I have to admit I did just gove up towards the end.

Plus the service kinda tailed out. People were going up for prayer at the end of the sermon, but no they didn't do it en mass, they did it in dribs and drabs. No wonder everyone else got bored and went out having coffee. I don't mind praying for people but it is inconsiderate to expect children to be quiet for huge lengths of time, especially when the service was supposed to finish 20 mins ago.

But the day picked up. Having worked really hard all week, I had enough done to enable me to go to Robs for the afternoon/evening. So I did. And it was fun. We played Age of Wonders 3. A Lord of the Rings esque strategy game, I like playing as the Archons a race of pure good super people. They're just so pretty. Rob and I got very annoyed when it appeared that the computer players are always given an advantage over the human player. There was no way we could win. I mean, I attacked a city with about 12 units. The city had 6. But they were ENCHANTED units. I mean Rob and I had not had enough time or money to get to a leel where we could have enchanted units, so how could the computer do it? My thoughts? It cheats!! *gasp* I lost all but one unit, tried to convert them into archons and then they rebelled so i didn't, which left my other town gettgin cross that I now had a bigger human city than archon city and they all rebelled. I got so cross.

Still I did have fun, and I managed to finish one of Sarah's mittens for her birthday which is the day before mine. I din't have enough pink wool of the same shade for a matching set, so she's going to have one dark pink mitten with light pink decoration and vice versa. I've finished the pale blue baby jumper I started for Lisa M in America, so that needs to be blocked and washed. And posted.

Lisa M's baby should be coming in just over a week and Scott and Lori are married now!!! Bloggers are moving on! So exciting!

And I will be soon. Soon to be 18. Adult, responsible for any mistakes I make. My short time on the vast stage of the universe cut shorter. Oohh..exciting though....

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