Thursday, September 23, 2004

I wrote a great entry last night and blogger lost it!

Listening to: Fran and Steve bickering over bickering and small spelling errors.
Talking to: Fran and Steve, who keep critising my crap typing skills...just because i'm not a keyboard junkie!

Thinking: I'm not a keyboard junkie! So meh!

So far today I've worked very hard. I've made a tinkerbell dress with Amey...well pinned it anyway....and sorted my personal statement for UCAS and had a dance lesson where we finished a display. That's very productive and it's only 5 mins past 11am.

It's nice and sunny today. Which has really lifted my mood. I like sunshine. So Yay! Though the wind has mussed up my hair rather so I look like a mad professor but that's a good thing. I'm too intelligent anyway! Einstein here I come.

Just had History. We spend more time in History debating current world politics than anything else but I like it. I think it's really important that students develop in all areas. I find it horrific that in our french lesson where are current unit is french politics that I find that I and the teacher spend the majoity of our time expaining to other other two students the basics of british poilitics in order for them to form opioins to say in french. This type of ignorance leads to apathy and low turnout in elections. My friends don't feel informed enough to consider voting, or don't feel it important enough. I think that if you do not vote you have no right to complain about the government as you did nothing to try and change it.

Now Stalin would say we don't have true democracy here anway because when we look at canditates their matter of policy are nearly all the same. There is very little difference between our political parties today with maybe the exception of the Green Party. Most of the policy is set up to maintain or improve the system we already have where lots is controlled by few.

Now I'm no Marxist. I do believe that those who serve the public should live as member of the public with no private interests. And that the minister for education should have experience of a public education or be an educator. And Teachers should get tax breaks.

And on a Knitiny note I'm going to knit clapotis from It's so lovely...... in red wool...


.:petal:. said...

*coughs* excuse me little alex but we were nto bickering!!hehe Merely pointing out the truth! :) Anyways well done you on all that work. Very productive indeedy! Love you laods hunny. Fran xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

.:petal:. said...

Me again....I think generally people our age dont feel the need to worry themselves with politics. It is rather boring and unless it directly involves and affects us now, people are unlikely to bother paying attention. Now im not saying I follow politics but I do have a general idea about this and when I can vote I definately will be! Alex not all things are so black and white with regards to people our age. Everyone is different. Take care okay love Fran xxxxxxxxxxx