Tuesday, September 21, 2004

*sigh* and *sneeze*

Listening to: Eleanor humming

Talking to: No one

Thinking: I don't know why.

Nothing much more exciting hapenned. I had my lessons. I learnt a little. My runny nose got worse. Lol..it's running away from me. I hate that blocked up feeling. But by his Stripes I am healed so it is going to go away.

Everyone seemed to be in such foul moods today. Fran's Od is a nightmare. I just don't know how to make things better and then I say nothing, knowing that it isn't helping. I don't know what she needs or what she wants as it changes from moment to moment. I just feel like a crap friend.

Lord, I pray you surround her with your loving comfort, your angels your blood your protection. What ever is hurting her,affecting her, remove it. Bless her Lord with your peace your mighty and powerful peace. Lord I'm standing in the gap for her Lord. I come on her behalf whether she wants it or not. Lord hold her close to you, Breathe your life into her. Lord I'm hurting for her. I wanna see her the way you see her. Please Lord Hear my Cry. Amen.

Lizzy came over after school. We made fairy cakes for my birthday and decorated them. It was fun like being a little kid again. We painted little fairies to go on my cake too. It should be very very pretty. Oh dammit I need to blow my nose again.

Wow this is soo cool. My friend Becky who got ill with stress and stuff and had to leave sixth form is chatting to me on msn. I tried texting her but got noreply and I though she'd vanished

But she better now, and is going to come to my birthday party!! This is wonderful.

And on that Happy Note, Here is a nice pic of robs bike and i'm off to do homework.


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