Friday, September 17, 2004

Bugsy Alone

Listening to: Computer humming and printers whirring.

Talking to: Fran intermittently

Thinking: Yes Rob is coming over.

The audition yesterday went okay. I think. We're doing "Bugsy Malone" as the school production this year. I don't know whether I can handle a big part. But it'd be fun. I can't do an american accent which will count against me, but I can dance my socks off, which will help. Last night was a dance audition. I had to learn and perform this ever - so - cheesy routine. I mean it was like Emmenthal or something. Flexed wrists, Big grins, whoops and hollers, cheeky wave, springs and mock tap dancing....Man it was fun.

What annoyed me was the unprofessionalism of a certain someone. Who arrives late. Then disrupts the sudition by demanding to know what we were doing and the what steps she'd missed. Who then asks the teacher the whole way through the audition to go over steps, to ask if she's doing them right, to push to the front, and then demand a break after 15 mins of dancing. That made me mad. This is an audition right, where they're trying to see how quickly you pick stuff up?

So I said we can't break this is an audition. The reply? "Well duh?" or something on the lines of "Well who'd have thought" or "Well never" Urrghhh..if she get Talulah or Blousy I shall go mad!!!

To be continued

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