Saturday, September 18, 2004

After Ballet Blues

Listening to: Teardrop by Massive Attack - Our song...*sighs*

Talking to: No one today

Thinking: I should be writing an essay.

Ohh aren't guitar riffs lovely. The song just changed to Sugababes - One Touch. It has such a nice riff, but then they spoil it with uninventive drumming..I shall skip it. That's better. Jars of Clay jangly guitars.

Well I've just had dance, not that we did much dance today. We're planning a show for the summer, based on C. S. Lewis' book The Magicians Nephew. I shall be a gardener, a tree fairy and Aslan....I can't wait. But I miss not doing some proper ballet hence the blues

All this performing. What with Bugsy and the Dance nights. When I am I going to fit in my school life? I'm headgirl and all. which is a point I have to look up forsome old skool stle retro headgirl badges to get my friends. I missed out my first event as head girl as I was working! Well I couldn't really askfor time off as it was only my second night.

Work is well.....boring. Shelf stacking was never going to be that interesting. But it really is mundane. And at only £3.75 an hour. Still when I start my driving lessons it should be enough to get me one a week. Driving is so expensive. £20 a lesson and I need to buy my provisional. That'll be £35 at least! I kinda need to get that don't I before I start my lessons really.

Anyway work. I seem to only make friends with people as they are leaving. First James a cool Australian guy who's moved to Scotland on my first night, and last night another James who's going back to University College Winchester to do his final year in Archaeology and History. Still there's always wossisname (Matthew?) Randle, who's in the year below me. We got told off on Thursday for talking. We can't help it. We're both new and we got stuck. There's this thing you do called 'facing up' after youstacked the shelves when you go around making sure everything is the right way round, all labels facing the front, neat and tidy. We were doing the cakes aisle which apparently we leave to last, but no one'd toldus this! Still think of the money Alex!

Last night Rob came over which was lovely. He did however have to teach me how to do nothing as he just wanted to chill out after a boring/crap day at work. Mum and Dad had gone out to the cinema to see The Terminal so we lay on the sofa watching tv and chatting. And mockarguing and playfighting and talking. But overall we had a great night. That's something I'm definately looking forward to in the future. Rob never having to go home because we'll be married and it'll be our home already.

We were talking about engagement things yesterday too. He so likes having secrets from me. Apparently everything's sorted and planned but he won't tell me whether he's bought the ring yet. It's like a game of chess, he's always 5 moves ahead. It was a wonderful moment. Soft glowing warm light, lying in the crook of arm stroking his face while we talked about the future and bridesmaids of all things.

I had a horrid dream last night. With all the furore over mounted foxhunting and all the breaches of security at the Houses of Parliment, I dreamt Hunt supporters were rioting in the streets with hounds and horse trying to brutally attack people. Firstly I was on a train trying to get home and then I was in my house/shop with some people and children and I couldn't get the door shut because it only had a little latch and the latch kept pooping oopen everytime the horses crashed into the door, so I sent people upstairs and then the hounds spilt into the galss hose porch and it was terrible so we were forced to live in a cupboard. My subconcious is too active I think.

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