Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Listening to: People moaning about broken computer and sarah being really loud and wearing 3 pairs of head phones.

Talking to: Sarah, Erica, Tim and Fran

Thinking: I feel really stressed out. For no good reason. But I have another mitten nearly done! Yay!

Well I got healed last night, which was interesting. I had a sore throat and a runny nose, but by the end of prayer i didn't have a sore throat and my runny nose is less runny. So that's quite amazing.

Youth Group went better than I thought it would. I used some stuff my Dad gave me on trusting God and how Abram just had to leave everything behind etc.... Turns out to be actually exactly what God wanted me to bring. We also had a great discussion on all the practical things we need to learn to be good wives and mothers and women. You know changing tyres, preparing food, And how exactly do you get a morgage? That sort of thing. The key skills we don't get taught at school.

So I think it went okay. I'm glad things are kinda looking up a bit about youth group now. For a while it looked scary. Like things would only get worse.

Nothing much's happenned yet at school so i'll update when I get back!

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