Wednesday, November 07, 2012

NaBloPoMo 7- in which I achieve

One of the things about being an adult that they never tell you about when you're a kid, is the paperwork.

Endless amounts of bills, letters and forms to be paid, filed and filled out and sent off.

You would think that in this digital age, a standard for signing documents digitally would have come to the fore. But no. I have to print things out, sign them and post them off. Or worse, print, sign and scan back in.

I've actually taken to creating an image file of my signature and pasting it in to documents. I do it fresh each time and delete it after to try and avoid security risks.

So today I feel very accomplished because I collated scans of three lots of identification and filled in a long outstanding form.

I posted happy post letters to friends.

Tomorrow I will conquer Tom's expenses.

I also feel very pleased with myself because I survived my first trip to a DIY shop all by myself to purchase serious quantities. I've been in before for the odd item, but we're talking 500 quids worth tonight.

In very boring grown up fashion we're going to do up our kitchen over the coming weeks. I was entrusted by Tom to purchase new flooring, insulation and other flooring gubbins to kick start the project.

The only difficulty came when I had to push the trolley laden with 11 packs  of laminate flooring.

But I managed, and they're all stacked up in our house now.

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