Friday, November 23, 2012

23 - home and hair


Today I wondered off to my favourite hairdressers in my lunchbreak today. The lovely ladies at Cream Hair Design covered me in red hair dye, gave me a hand massage whilst it cooked, and then washed it out as I sat in a massage chair.

After that my locks were cut and blow dried into a new excitingly red bob. A throughly relaxing experience, and I was pleasantly surprised at how blue it makes my eyes look.

Tom is home. His verdict? "It's very red". He also lost me a few times this evening at the supermarket because he was looking for my old hair. I can't wait to see how it looks curly.

He's already put a few doors on the wall cupboards in the kitchen since being home. And we've already had our "you've been away and I've forgotten how to interact with you" fight. We've overcome that by having tasty tasty steak chilli for dinner.

I'm looking forward to my sister coming round for lunch tomorrow with her boyfriend, and lunch with Toddy at the weekend. And lots of snuggles with my lovely husband. Because I missed him.

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