Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NaBloPoMo 27 selling and sweets

HuHello you lot. Christmas pudding mission accomplished. Here are some very poor quality pictures.
Key points to remember are plenty of brandy, apple, add glace cherries, make a fold in your paper and foil to allow for expansion, and make a string handle for picking it out the saucepan after steaming.
Excellent day today despite being sat in traffic a lot. I was trained on Google Adwords, this made me ridiculously excited. I love learning how new things work, especially things with data and stats.
When I eventually made it home, I made a tasty roast dinner and Laura came to help me eat it. We knitted, caught up on the past week and died her hair blue. Well blue black. It looks awesome. Oh and there was cheesecake.

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