Sunday, November 25, 2012

NaBloPoMo 25 - dammit

I completely ran out of time to make my Christmas pudding today.

Do you think it will taste ok with one or two days less maturing time?

Tom and I had a lazy lie in this morning before church after rushing around yesterday. It was Christ the King at church today, and the songs were excellent. Nothing like a sing.

We had a delicious lunch of pumpkin based lasagne at Toddy's, followed by an epically big spotted dick and cheese and biscuits to celebrate his graduation. It was fantabulous catching up, and getting to know Adam better.

After that, I waved Tom off at the station for another week, and then drive to Chieveley services to merry up with Ellie and give her her bag back.

This evening, I have watched Strictly and compiled Tom's expenses. But I have not made Christmas pudding. Dammit.

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