Sunday, November 11, 2012

NaBloPoMo 11 - the strength of friendship

Stsx point in strike into the phone.
So that didn't work. I thought I'd experiment today by using the voice input on my phone. Let's stick to Swyping shall we?
Tom and I didn't get up in time to go to church to our shame. It would be alot easier for us night owls if there was an evening service.
So instead we did what the rest of the middle class British world seems to do on a Sunday, and went to a DIY store for more kitchen supplies.
I then spent a large amount of time on my stomach on the floor trying to hammer panel pins into scotia. And cursing the former occupants of our house who thought designer radiators were a good idea. The radiator in the dining room is a cylinder of blades, just under two metres long, and about 20 cm above floor level, along a wall. Trying to get my hammer behind that was hard.
I also spent a huge amount of time today being amazed by our friends. I think I can say 'our friends' by now. Most if the people helping today were people Tom met at college. But they've taken me under their wing. And they work incredibly hard. They turned up cheerily this after noon, after working late into the night last night.
Now, the contents of the kitchen is in the living room, the fridge is in the dining room and the tiles and units are gone from the kitchen.
These hard working friends make me feel very loved. I tried to pay them back by making pasta bake and chocolate pudding, but had to do it at Laura's house, as we have no kitchen. Obviously. They are certainly storing up favours for when they have their own houses to do up.
Here are the progress pics.

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