Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Readvent 7: Travelling

In my one bag I would have:

  • a ponte or jersey dress in black with mid length sleeves I can dress up or down. I
  • would have a couple of big brightly coloured silk scarves I could wear on my head, round my neck as a belt, use as a sling, or a bag.
  • sturdy walking shoes and a pair of heels,
  • a pair of jeans and a white shirt.
  • A survival kit in a tin with matches, aspirin, safety pins, a needle and thread and a multi way tool. A corkscrew and a port bottle top.
  • a notebook and pencil.
  • two sets of undies, one nude, one black
  • a waterproof coat

When we went to Loch Allen on honeymoon, we stayed in a cottage halfway up a big hill/small mountain. There was such a beautiful view from one of the windows down the mountain over the lake. And on one side there was a hill covered in wind turbines rising from the mists in the mornings like great triffids. There was a little wind turbine powering the cottage. An efficient wood burner in the living room. The house was full of old art and antique furniture.Toilets flushed with grey water

Even though it rained and rained I left feeling refreshed and happy and if I had seen the world. I saw how a lovely home could be eco friendly but still homely. I also saw modern technology working in harmony with stunning landscapes.

I love to travel. I find the travelling as fun as reaching the destination. I love all kinds of transport, (save perhaps submarines and spaceships - too claustrophobic) and enjoy marvelling at how it works, it's design language and the way it's used. I'd be happy to go as far as I could. There are some places where I'm going to burn to a crisp, but it may be worth it. Factor 50 all the way.

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