Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Readvent 3: Fascinating

How do I keep myself interesting?

I read as much as I can both online and offline. I read widely, on any subject that catches my eye. Chances are, one day, something on that topic will come up on converstation and I will be able to offer that bon mot.

I also try to take up opportunties to try unusual things. It's quite fun to say ' I made head cheese from half a pigs head' . Certainly gets the conversation started.

It helps that I don't care too desperately what others think of me. I used to mind terribly, going over and over how a situation turned out, trying to put myself in the other's shoes. Now, not so much. I am just me after all, and whilst you can change aspects of yourself, you will always be you in someway.

Interview yourself

Why do you proclaim to be a feminist but enjoy traditionally female activities?

I am a feminist because women across the world are still marginalised. All women deserve especially to recieve the same education as men, because we are equal. When there is equality of potential or prospects for both men and women I will be happy.

I do enjoy activities that the western world considers feminine activities such as work with textiles, flower arranging and so on. However, I don't see them as feminine. I see them as activities. I think they are things that can be enjoyed by anyone, and it's only western gender stereotypes that prevent this.

Should a future girl child of mine want to learn woodwork, I would support her, just as I will teach my boys to knit.

If you could travel the world, which places would you visit?

All of them if I could. we've just watched A Life in a Day, and it's really ignitied my passion to travel. I enjoy visiting a place and going to its railway stations, its supermarkets, it's little sparks of everyday life. I hope to visit somewhere new in mainland Europe next year, and eventually I'd like to visit places like Petra in Jordan

When are you happiest?

When fingering a new ball of yarn and deciding what it will be. When sipping the first sip of cold white fizzy wine. Waking up snuggled into Tom's arms. Standing on top of a cliff staring out all over the landscape. Standing on top of a big hill staring all across the landscape. Singing the melody of carols whilst my sisters sing the harmony. Sitting down to a big dinner with family. Sitting down to a big dinner with friends.

Wear something you never wear

I did this earlier this month. I wore a mult coloured chunky cropped cardigan I never wear because it's loud and an awkward shape. I wore it with a simple white top and blue jeans, piled my hair in a massive bun on top of my head, and paired it with clunky boots. It looked fab. I don't know why I didn't do this before to be honest. It was also snuggly warm.

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