Sunday, December 11, 2011

Readvent 10: Writing

I do have some rules when writing on here. I don't mention specifics about my job, or who my employer is, and I don't write anything I feel Tom would be unhappy with.

This came up in conversation with Mel yesterday at Jess and Andy's awesome party. She was commenting on how I'd been more candid on the blog of late. I have come to the view that most of the people who read this are friends, and so I can write anything on here that I would say to them. And I'm pretty blunt in real life to be honest.

I find writing like this very cathartic, and I'm going to keep being brave and say the things I need to say out loud.


1. I got all the merit badges as a child. I love getting a badge. Today I would like to get a badge that says "Good friend" or "Very hospitable"

2. I'm proud of Tom for sticking with trying to be a vicar. It's hard, it's slow, but I still hope that it's meant to be. I'm also proud of all my friends who work hard saving the world in little ways.

3. I wish for the safe delivery of the babies friends are expecting in 2012, my current job to become permenant, and that Tom and I stay happy and healthy.

4. I think that Autumn Socks day is the most unappreciated holiday - it's one that Tom and I invented, where we swap socks to keep the autumn blues away. I'd like to challenge you all to set up your own little holidays to share as a family.

I'm going to save the rest of these prompts for when I run out of blogging inspiration. And I can do this, because it's my blog.

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