Sunday, December 11, 2011

Readvent 8: Comfort

Ok, so out of my comfort zone.

1. I am not very good at meeting new people and talking. I'm happy being quiet and minding my own business. I'd like to try being more welcoming and open to people, and being brave and inviting them into my life.

I've invited one lady from my church round for dinner and it was really interesting finding out about her life. If I can do more about this, I think my life would be enriched. People of the world out there reading this, if you'd like to hang out and get to know me better, just shout.

2. Another of my comfort zones is probably being too sensible and not making the most of opportnities when they arise. I will say no, not today, we can't afford it, we're too busy, that's not practical. I'd like to say yes to more of the fun random things that turn up .

Some boring comfort zones? For a long time, I wouldn't cut my hair short, but I seem to have conquered that one. Left to my own devices, I would probably eat ony cold things from the fridge. I'm not a morning person and I sleep in whenever I can.

When working from home, I try to challenge my lazy ways by making an actual lunch, and making sure I eat some veggies. I'm trying to get up earlier at weekends to try and make more of the time.

See, I'm such a boring person.

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