Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Readvent 6: Starting

I'm going to come back to Readvent 5: Drawing because I don't have any paper to hand on the sofa.


I have some goals that I wrote down and stored on my other computers. I can't remember what they are now. So let's write some new ones. I will try and remember and cross reference them later.

Actually, thinking about it. I don't really know what my goals are.

(A sideline, January Jones is a silly name no? Am watching X-Men First Class now)

Ok. So here it goes.

1. Continue working for my current employer. I love my job and I want to progress in it.

  • Do my very best when at work
  • Research innovative ways to reach my work goals
  • Be a pleasant and useful employee
  • Show the value of my worth.

None of these cost money. So I'm going to get on with this tomorrow.

2. Travel extensively abroad

  • Plan where I want to go
  • Save some money
  • Book the time off
  • Go!

Saving money costs money. So if plan where I want to go, I can get a better idea of how much it will cost. Making this much more realistic.

3. Write and publish a book.

  • Come up with an interesting idea
  • Do copious amounts of research
  • Be disciplined and write a little everyday
  • Edit the manuscript
  • Send it off to publishers
  • ...or if all else fails, self publish if only to hold one copy in my hands

Up to point 4 won't cost me a dime in anything but time. So I will just have to devote some time to this one.

4. Have a happy and fulfilling life.

  • Do what I love to do
  • Don't settle for second best
  • Give to others
  • Give thanks

Again all free apart from time costs.

5, Stay happily married.

  • Give my husband lots of love and hugs and attention
  • Do things together, both fun things like going out to dinner, and constructive things like working on projects together.
  • Give each other space to persue our own hobbies
  • Lots of rampant sex :0)

And again. All free. Apart from Tom's expensive going out for dinner and drinking all the wine habit. Which I help him drink.



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