Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This blog just writes itself sometimes...

...continuing on from Simon's idea that blogs write themselves and giving us a break from the schedule of not very interest NaBloPoMo posts, here are some very strange happennings.

Yesterday Tom kissed my folder and nudged my head out the way. I think he meant to do it the other way around. Sometimes he can be a bit silly like that. He's currently swearing about the price of kettles. Aww. Except I've now just head banged him by accident. I'm clearly special too.

Yesterday I also spent part of the evening gaffer taping up my housemate Hannah's breasts. Yes you did read that right. She's off the to Student Radio Awards on Thursday night, having been nominated for the news category. She bought a cracking dress from Jane Norman, black strapless satin fishtail with green and silver embroidered flowers flowing accross it. However said dress is skin tight, and so a bra just wasn't working. Hence the gaffer tape, the one thing known to hold the whole universe together. Boobs weren't going to be a problem. It worked beautifully, but the removal left Hannah with smoother breasts than legs so a new solution to the dress problem will be sought in Oxford Street the day before the awards.

Today Karuna accidently spilt her tea in Chaplaincy. However because Karuna is awesome, she had already arranged her cup so when she tipped the table it slid towards in a manner that meant she could catch the cup between her knees and the only spillage was a minor splash on the floor, with neither Karuna or her laptop being harmed. She is truly awesome.

In other news, I got up to verse 11 of Ezra 5, we only got upto Ezra 6 in class, I've not started my essay yet and I feel spectacularly on my arse at Ballet class whilst attempting to do pirrouettes. I'm soooooooooooooo out of practice! I also snapped my pointe shoes and so need to go pointe shoe shopping. It's a toss up between a pair of Bloch Suprima Strongs like my last pair , or try something new in a pair of Bloch Synergy Rehearsals. Both are extra strong shoes as I tend to wear them out very, very quickly. High insteps you know.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't work with lime jelly and Guinness either. I think I have been misled.