Saturday, November 10, 2007

Going no where fast.

Oh the weekend, how I love thee...
Mornings spent reading blogs in bed. In the name of valid research. Afternoons spent being fed Boeuf Bourgogne and dumplings, researching and catching up with friends in shadowy corners of the library.
Evenings spent watching skate wing being pan fried and then consuming said skate wing with new potatoes, baby sweetcorn and broccoli. Making fizzy jelly with manderin segments in it for tomorrow. Finishing a glove. Making modern art with knitting implements.

Just one of those days where nothing really happens. Hardly warrants a happennings tag.

I think perhaps we forget how important this sort of day really is. Where there is no hurry, when you can browse around shops slowly, savouring the lack of speed. I feel a hundred times better for it. Now it is time for bed.

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