Thursday, November 01, 2007


Rather than being one of the amazing few who can manage National Novel Writing Month in Novemember, I'm going to try and manage National Blog Posting Month. A little everyday about my everyday.

The mood today has mainly been Aramaic flavoured. I feel like I have been falling behind in my Aramaic a little. After a late breakfast of boiled eggs and toast and melon with Tom, I went to Chaplaincy to work in their peace and quiet. Of course Chaplaincy is not always peace and quiet, there is often major talking of nonsense, but there is more space than in the library, it is less distracting than home, and there are people there who are quite willing to talk to you in LolCat in between your flurries sessions of work, and respect your quiet when you are working.

I managed at least another 4 sentences, working at my very slow rate. I'm not yet recognising the verb endings, what with the verb table taking up a whole side of A3, but slowly the vocabulary is coming. I can recognise the words for king, city, scribe, commander and the people of the trans Euphrates area. Oh and most of the pronouns.

I stayed in Chaplaincy until it was time for the quiz at the Stile, eating Koren Ramen noodles for dinner. Not the most nutritious of meals but cheap and easy to make. The quiz was ok, our team had no hope of winning, what with messing up the killer round, getting one question wrong and therefore not getting any points for the previous questions that we had got right. So many people come from my circle of friends and acquaintances that we have to have two teams now, but some how it's not quite the same atmosphere. I always seem to end up on the team that doesn't seem to really want to talk to each other, so I try an make up for that subconsciously by talking to much.

Now I'm sat procrastinating away from these last two sentences, and planning my weekend and week ahead. It's a busy one. Tomorrow there are fireworks on campus, Saturday I am meeting Tom's mum in my new official capacity, and Sunday I am going back home for my sisters confirmation....*sigh*

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