Friday, November 09, 2007

Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors!

Eleanor was astounding in her show. In fact I was extremely impressed with the whole thing. Matravers, my old school, really does do school productions really well. The set was cleverly painted, the hired plant puppets impressive, the leads well tuned and so on. I do think having leads that can reliably sing in tune is very important. Helps the rest of the cast. This year's lot were also blessed to have two or three sixth form lads who could sing, were willing to get up on stage and gave it their all. Spine shivering stuff. Amiee Berrington is one to watch. She was the voice of the Audrey II plant, and wow can that girl sing...

Pity my sister isn't especially well at the moment. The docs aren't sure what the problem is and she's wasting away before our eyes. She slept all day in front of the telly to conserve her energy, then went to bed as soon as she got home. Despite this she was all bright eyes and pretty facial expressions and making the part come alive. (Thank God for the undo function on blogger as I just accidently selected the whole post by accident and deleted it!)

My gradnparents took me home, which was very kind of them, and then I had a brisk lunch with Tom in Chaplaincy before trundling off to a lecture on Islamic Jerusalem, which just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaged! But I did manage to catch up with what I missed last week with being feek and weeble in the not very useful post presentation discussion. The post presentation discussion that I felt was mainly me trying to converse with lecturers, me being asked to read poetry out loud to the class by lecturers and then deciding to change my essay completely because well the best-in-class (tm) was doing the sametopic as me, and there's no point in competing. Also , no one has attempted a history of what living in Jerusalem was like for the everyday person, and I get to write about blogging , so yay!

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