Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fire and the great outdoors

Yesterday got decidedly better with the SCM bonfire. The great outdoors and the smell of wood smoke and mulled wine and bathing in a bath outside, heated by a wood burning stove, in the winter chill. Yes you read that right. In the middle of the bonfire party I had a bath.

Here are some photos that the lovely Adrian took, with captions that are definitely all my own....

Me and the Nick Bailey before the fun started...

Nick ReallyReallyReally(tm) likes making fires.

The huge bonfire before Nick set light to it and the fireworks were launched from it...

..while Toddy tries to steal my wine.

It really was spectacular.

I'm at home at the moment to see my sister in her school production of Little Shop of Horrors. She's one of the Ronettes, all backcombed hair and sparkly dresses. Lucky thing!

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