Friday, November 23, 2007

Starting early

I've started making my Christmas cards early this year. I love crafting. It is a lovely way to spend half an hour or so each day.

These are my Autumn Socks from Tom. He doesn't like autumn much and says "It sucks". I love it. I think "It Rocks." Somehow we got Autumn Socks out of this, as a way of cheering up autumn. So 21st of November, we swapped socks. It was awesome. I bought him some grey ones with bright pink spots.

In other news I'm extra hyper today due to the shots of espresso I was doing with Sarah at lunch time. (Hi Sarah!) We dicussed lots of knitty things as she's picked up the needles again. She's made an awesome garter stich scarf, and is teaching herself to knit on dpns by making a hat. I love talking about knitting so much. I met Karuna in Portswood today to advise wool buying and needle selection as she fancied knitting again too. More knitters returning to the fold. I must find a pattern for my next bit of Christmas knitting. Not so much to do this year but a pastel drawing of Aunties and Cousins to do.

Sarah's hoody is half a hood away from being finished, Tom has one and half gloves and then its various tube shaped things to knit. Oh and a pair of tiny things. Then sewing of 5 things. But I need to buy some darning needles as I have to sew things up and darn my new pointe shoes when they come. Ahh ballet. I'm going to see the ballet tomorrow too!

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