Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ye Gods She's in a Bad Mood

I. Am. So. Pissed. Off.

Yesterday I cleaned the toilet. It's my bathroom cleaning week on the house rota, so no surprises in the fact I was cleaning the toilet. But having left the toilet cleaner on for the accepted time, I reached for the toilet brush.


Not just any sort of poo. No. This was slimy poo that had been sat in a pool of water in the bottom of the toilet brush holder. So not only was the toilet brush covered in someone's feces, but there was a pool of what can only be described as diarrhoea. I was so not happy. I was fufilling my housely duties, whilst someone had been stupid enough to use a toilet brush instead of the plunger that was RIGHT NEXT TO IT to unblock a toilet.

If that wasn't enough to hack me off, they had put it in the holder again without cleaning it.

I questioned the two housemates who don't induce murderous thoughts, and yes it was probably the housemate who does induce murderous thoughts.

What else has been going on apart from poo?

I went to the fireworks display last night on Campus. It was free and amazing. They had music and every thing. Then Emma invited Matt and I to go to her house and we ate good ice cream and watched 'Anchorman'.

"I love Lamp!"

The worst bit about yesterday was leaving Chris. He's currently half way across the Atlantic. Argh. I keep thinking, " Ohh I'll just tell Chris that, ooh I'll get a hug tomorrow" and then its "Shit, he's not here"

Today I slept in and did not go to the gym. I must go tomorrow. I must. I also went shoe shopping with boys and picked up loads of tinned food to keep me going over these long winter nights.

Hopefully this evening will cheer me up. Emma is coming here to be girly, Matt is cooking us Risotto, and then I have a free ticket for Fat Poppadaddys.


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