Thursday, November 30, 2006

The magic of Pandora

I'm sat here doing my Latin practice, using Pandora to fill the empty spaces with Ray Lamontagne radio, when what should it play but Nizlopi, and their JCB song. I found this song last night when I was making paper stars to decorate my house with during the coming festive season.

The stars look appropriately festive strung along white cotton threads, and the song, even though the protagonist was of the opposite gender appropriately summed up the fun I used to have with my dad in the car, us pretending the buttons of the dashboard were not for emergency lights or the fans but for ejector seats and rocket boosters. It captures that feeling of being the smallest people on the world and how everything is big and exciting and new. I remember on one long journey Dad kept me amused by saying the car was a submarine and I had to tell him what we could see under the sea. Why do so many people lose the ability to be pleased by the little and lovely things in the world? Like paper stars and makebelieve?

Looking back on it, I had the best childhood. I really really did.


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