Friday, November 03, 2006

All the things go round and round

What a week. The cold is making me hibernate a bit, and thus I've not been hopping out of bed really early like the week before, I've been snuggling under my warm warm duvet. It is like winter has suddenly fallen with a crash. I need to find my warm jumpers out.

The run down:

Monday saw me running to and fro lectures on different campuses. I hate this. It means I arrive at my fave lecture a sweaty frazzled ball of stress. The evening however was fabulous. I forwent contemporary dance due to lack of funds, meaning I could afford to go to ballroom. I do love my ballroom dancing, especially now I'm dancing with Chris. Its such a thrill when we glide round the floor during a waltz or twirl around in the jive. Even nicer than the dancing was having Chris come to my house after, a rare occurrence. One of my housemates unfortunately is rather overbearing and so people tend to avoid coming to our house. However Chris was in a brave mood and we sat and snuggled by light of the pumpkin latern I'd carved.

Tuesday was more Latin and Old Testament fun. I've been reading loads this term, and in fact am mostly up to date. Famous last words. The Latin however is driving me mad as I just cannot find a successful way to learn my paradigms. Dad suggested using little rhythms so I'm going to try that. I had coffee and cake in the afternoon thanks to Simon, the Chaplain and scored myself a babysitting job as well as a great chat. He was fascinated by my knitting, and loved the idea that a hand made pair of sock is the ultimate expression of adoration. Knitter of the world know that to be SO true. In the evening, I went and cooked tea for Chris at his to escape my house for a while, and had the most productive evening. Chris has been desperately trying to get a load of work done before his California trip, (Have I not mentioned that? More on it later...) so I sat and worked too in the peace and quiet of his house. Two articles were read and noted, the Hebrew alphabet finally learnt and Latin revised. All in about 5 hours. Not shabby at all.

Wednesday was quite possibly the best day of the week so far. In the seminar we finally read our first Hebrew words out loud, and I surpassed myself, being able to recognise the words for Moses and Aaron and mountain. It all just fell into place, and on the way home I had to phone my dad to tell him because I was fit to burst with pride. I also made gluten free pumpkin pie in the whirl of my excitement for Hannah. Matchmaker Alex was on par in the afternoon, facilitating a meeting between two of my friends who I thought would get on, and they did get on beautifully. I babysat in the process having a lovely home cooked meal and meeting some very well brought up and darling children. I even did some more Latin translation too!

Now Thursday was a nothingy sort of day. I got up late and went to the gym in order to shock me into doing stuff, and I changed my sheets and pottered around the house, doing some more dreaded Latin translation and beginning my assignment. The assignment is scaring me somewhat as I'm still not sure which word endings tell me who is doing what in the sentence. The rest of the day was a whirl wind. I helped the Jupp put together an outfit for a fancy dress night out, Matty Bear, Big Gay Al and the Jupp helped me choose an outfit for my night out and I went to my dance night only to find that the Kung Fu people had stolen my room. Incensed, I returned home and scared Dave with the weirdness of my house. I love my house. It is just the right side of manic and very girly. Then came the going out! YAY. Amy, my uni girl friend par excellence is going home today to start her placement for her Occupational Therapy course. For six weeks she'll be at a Salisbury hospital, helping to rehabilitate stroke patients and the like. Whilst all this is very worthy and compulsory for her course, she's not going to be here. Which is so unfair as I need her. So Dave and I thought this is an occasion for flowers, and we got her some, to remind her that the people in Soton are thinking about her and missing her. They went down very well. The rest of the evening was spent at the Dungeon with Filth and my Chris and Amy, requesting songs and chatting away. It was lovely, and I hope it was the send off Amy wanted.

Today finds me sat at Chris's having helped him pack for his trip to California. He was chosen for the Google Summer of Code by Ubuntu and worked on an onscreen keyboard to improve accessibility in Ubuntu. Ubuntu kept him on after the SoC had ended to work on other accessibility issues and part of this has lead to him being asked to go help run a conference on accessibility in Linux at the Google HQ next week. I am dead jealous as this means a week off uni, an all expenses paid trip to the States and a great experience. At the moment he is less than enthusiastic as it means getting two weeks worth of work done in a week. Hence me helping him pack. What can I say. I'm a good girlfriend.


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