Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A knittingy update....

I know you're not supposed to have favourites amongst your children but I cannot help myself. Of all my current works in progress, including 2 scarves, a shrug, some mittens and a crocheted hat, I love the shrug the best.

It's knit in cheap Big Value Baby DK by King Cole ltd from my local super market in baby blue. I'm using the 16in 6mm circs i got for my birthday and making up the pattern as I go along.
So far it has bell shaped sleeves from the elbow, then fitted tothe shoulder, with some loopy increasing to give an everso slightly puffed sleeve. I'm quite chuffed. It's for my dance teacher who is always moaning that shes cold.

My lovely fast light plastic circs

It's so long!!!

This is my modified version of the feather lace pattern from'Cozy' shawl on the bell cuffs.

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Anonymous said...

shes gonna love it :)it's looking great so far!
loadsa love erica xxxxxxx