Monday, October 04, 2004


Listening to:A babble of chatter from the next room

Talking to: No one, unless a half a text convo with Rob counts?

Thinking:I've lost my muse! (to quote lizzy)

I have lethargy of the spirit. I just can't be bothered. I have french questions to sort, I have a dance essay to write, I have art to work on but I don't want to. I didn't even want to blog.

The rain this morning was torrential. Like sheets of broken metal racing down my street. And now it is beautifully sunny. England is such an oxymoron.

The weekend was fun. Although Rob was ill with a sniffle, he slept it off whilst I knitted and we did manage to get to Sarah and Sam's party without too much hassle. Apart from my disorganisation meaning we were half an hour early, but that doesn't matter too much. I did drink, though not enough to get off my head, which is good, as Rob would have probably gone mental. I don't like the loss of control too much anyway.

Rob must have really enjoyed the party as he wanted to stay right to the end, doesn't happen very often. It's normally because he feel out of place because he's that bit older than my friends. i hate the way we have my friends and your friends. I wish we could share them. But we will never be able to because in all honesty, some of the people I know are not the right ort of people to be friends with anyway. Which sucks. Because I like them. It's just getting that balance right so that I'm nice with them without getting involved in what they do.

This week might turnout to be a really nice one. Rob's rents are in Tenerife, the lucky people, and as Rob has the space to take over other rooms, we will be decorating his. 3 walls will be la very very very very pale purple, and one wall a deep red. That will be the feature wall and have all the picture on. Should look really really nice.

If I can be bothered. I don't know where my enthusiasm has gone.

A dear teacher friend of mine, one Kate Lewis has been rushed to hospital. She has a blood clot in her lungs. This amazing woman has been plagued by ill health over the lasy few years. Prayers for her will be appreciated.

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