Monday, October 11, 2004

An adventure

Well when your fiance-with a wotsit says " Do you want to go to Hertfordshire?" what are you supposed to say other than yes?

I was in my dance kit. I'd already borrowed his spare room the night before. I had no decent clothes. My thoughts? Triss, can I borrow some jeans!?!?

And the best bit? Triss is a tiny size 10. [That's about a US 6] Yes the shame, my mother in law to be is 3 sizes smaller than me. But... When I tried on her nice size 10 jeans they fit! So Alex is now size 10 too....Alex is very happy and will stick to being size 10. Mainly because Rob like the slinky look....:->

We drove for 2 and a half hours to get to Harlow. Taking in roadworks on the M25, a pit stop for fuel of the flammable and caffine sort and some crumbly bakewell tarts, and traffic, Rob and I were very stiff having been sat in the back. But I tell you, it was worth it.

Romy (If that's how you spell it) is from Tanzania, so she's an indian tanzanian, and she cooked up a storm. This was full on delicious proper curry. None of this thin creamy stuff we get in jars. First there was salad, then lentil dhal, spicy potatoes with lemon and tamarind, basmati rice with pepper and peas, a curried chiken with mustard seeds, a curried lamb dish and some naan bread.

If that wasn't enough, with all the seconds etc... we then had mediterrean swwet made from pastry honey and different types of nuts before Romy bought out an indian with a name I can't remember, made from semolina, milk , deep fried and served cold in syrup. They were so rich and sweet that most of us could only eat one out the two she served, but they were delicious!

What made the evening was the atmosphere. Triss trained with Romy, and the clarks hadn't see Romy and her daughter for 10 years. Another family were there too, Ralph and Viv with their daughters Naomi and Nitikia. Triss and Romy did their nurse training with Viv too and Triss hadn't seen Viv for 20 years and had never met Ralph her husband. Ralph was from Hong Kong so it was a really international evening!

I had a great time talking to all these people, and if they lived nearer I would like to make good friends out of them. They were all very funny, witty, and intellgent, all had interesting stories to tell. Naomi and Nitika are the same ages as my sisters, so I was playing with Nitika and talking to Naomi about pointe shoes and what they do to your feet, as She's just started pointe. Zara, Romy's daughter is studying criminology and law at Canterbury, and she was telling me about her history trip to Russia when she was at school.

The car ride home was rather scary. Everytime Triss over took or went round a bend I would wake up again. rob and I were so tired but kept waking each other up with our fidgeting. I ended up asleep with my head on Rob's lap. Not the safest way to travel the comfiest at the time. We got back at 2:30am. Triss had forgotton the time while we were ast talking and we only left at 11pm!

On sunday at church I kept dozing off...which was terrible and meant I can only remember very little of Mabels sermon.


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