Friday, October 01, 2004

Another suitcase in another hall...

Listening to: the hum and buzz and squawk of music on other peoples earphones
Talking to: billy and reena intermittently
Thinking: Today is a day of transit.

Long long's catching up with me.
All the excitement of the weekend means I'm totally out with all my homework, and working so hard to catch up. It's worth it, everytime I look at my ring I smile to myself.

Today I sat in the canteen talking to my friends about life, love and poetry, running around schoool trying to find a cast list that's not up yet and fearing the moment when in a wedding they do the 'does anyone have a just reason why this couple should not be married' bit.

I don't and do and the same time. I'm so so afraid that people from my past will creep out of the wood work. I know they can't find me can't trace me, will not know anything about it. But it'd be just their dramatic style to do that. Then there would be the pains of trying to explain to my parents who they were. I never told them. I couldn't. Rob knows. I 'd hate to wreck his day because of my past.

In fact. I know I shouldn't be scared. Fearful, what ever.

The wedding is more for Rob than for me. Gosh that sounds resentful. It's not meant to. I don't care how we get married as long as God's involved. I'm more looking forward to the building our life together. Yet rob wants all the trimmings. A white wedding. And no girl is going to complain about that ;-) I think a horse and carriage is a fair swap for walking to the church don't you?

Small victory today. My quiz team won the quiz last week. Mainly due to my knowledge of current affairs. Yay...

I didn't bring my knititng today, because I thought I'd be disciplined and do lots of work. Yet I seem to do more work in between knitting. Currently working on a scarf and a yay...I know...but they're Christmas presesnts!

I get to see Rob tonight. I just want to sit wrapped up in his warmth his smell.

Christmas is coming! We're going to sing proper Carols again.

Happy October

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Anonymous said...

hello, twas an interesting convwersation we had today, it's ok we wont let anyone wreck your big day, we shall stand by the door if needs be!, hehe i wouldn't worry about it.... people from the past will have got over themselves by then, and you'll have the most adorable and beautiful wedding in the world loadsa love erica xxx