Monday, October 25, 2004

A proper entry...

Rain rain go away!

Torrential rain for the last few days, a cloudless sky met by great big fat raindrops that actually get you wet...nice...

Saturday was the closest I've ever come to experiencing real depression. For some reason I just felt hopeless. I didn't bother to get dressed properly and I sat around knitting all ay alone in myroom in the silence or listening breifly to the radio. Being around peoplefelt like too much bother. The upside is that the shurg is awaiting blocking and weaving in of endswhich is nice.

Sunday was better. Rob and I after church came back here and sorted out the computer for my sisters and then we went off to have a couple - y day.

I went through the ultimate female sacrifice of watching him play football. [Soccer to the rest of the world] Indoors thank goodness so I stayed dry. They lost 10 -7 but it was good match because the Reds played really well compared to last season and they fought and fought like troopers. I was so proud that Rob didn't loose his cool. I felt like a very good fiancee sat there watching him.

Then we went back to his so he could shower and get rid of his footbal flavour whilst I workedout how to get to his new place of work. It's great being able to get in a car and go. I need sort out my provisional so I can join in the fun too! It really felt ike we were going on holiday together, driving across the county in the twilight, looking for signs, following directions. When we eventually found the place I was surprised at the size of it and really chuffed I'd given the directions properly. Full kudos to Robs for being able to follow my directions and drive around Bath in the dark.

When we got back to Warminster our tea was awaiting us and we settled down to eat. For once my better nature did actually appeal to me and even though Rob tried desperately to put the moment off, we went upstairsandfinished off the jobs we were supposed to do like writing down all out suggestions for a christian youth thing that goes on in a nearby town.

Today I got up early [10am! - well it is the holidays] and decided my room needed sorting ,which I shall do tomorrow, when I couldn't find anything I wanted, and then went downstairs to await the arrival of my grandparents. Had a nice chat with them and then i came on here to update with some old poems.

Just had a text from Rob - nice people, nice big desk, lots of things to take in. Hopefully that means his first day is going well.

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