Monday, August 02, 2010

Foody Foody Fun!

I had a fab hen do arranged by Jess. We went for a picnic on the
common, then to a spa, then for dinner, then our dancing, then home to
Jess' to watch a film, sleep a bit and have cooked breakfast.She kept
each bit a surprise, so it was a really fun day. Going dancing made me
laugh as we were all so zoned out after the spa afternoon that we
could only manage dancing till midnight.

We've been doing a lot more gardening recently, and enjoying the fab
pergola John built us as a wedding present. I want to grow roses and
clematis up it! Look at the haul of veg from yesterday!

I also taught myself to make a wired bouquet:

but I left the pretty sweetpeas Tom's mum bought me from her garden
just as they are:

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Mel said...

Veg looks yummy!

My lettuces were a gigantic fail this year :(