Friday, August 27, 2010


I've just been to the cinema, where I saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World
and had my eyeballs assaulted my the bindmending colours and the pop
art sensibilities.

Ah.. the harbour lights cinema, where you can coo over massive
beautiful yachts whilst you wait for your film, and sup on Hooegarden
whilst you watch the film. Small cinemas rock. We randomly decide
we're going to the cinema of an eve, it's the opening night for a
film, and thanks to online booking, there's no queuing and plenty of
space in the cinema. I chowed down on pretzels and laughed and laughed
and laughed at this strangely compelling film peppered with video
games references anyone younger than me may struggle to get.

The gym was awesome and I love the buzz of heavy weights and the
dinner was lamb tagine with apricots and there are two baby aubergines
in my garden, and I must plan some more veg for the winter and next
year I want to have a section of the garden for cut flowers so I can
grow them to make pretty things she says as she types and looks at the
lone carnation from the bunch of flowers she arranged for Ruth.

Can I be your flower, petal? It's a buzz and a drama and a joy, and I
feel like I've not seen anyone for months and crowded out all at once,
but oh well and there you go and goodnight.

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