Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 4 ish Words

So this is into day 5 but shush. I'll do another one later. Hum hum
hum hum hum. Well the UCSA meeting went well, and things seem to be
happening on the church end about getting some kind of chaplaincy
provision and we're all going to have to watch this space, but over
all it's good!

I wonder if Simon got his present in the post. I wonder what the
parcel that Tom is picking up from the post office depot is?

I love post. Real hardcopy happy post. It makes me happy and shiny and
lovely. If you want actual pages long real letters then you should
send me your address!!

mmmm Spinning head! This is random.

Anyone know of any good social media marketing courses I could go on?
Grah another 4 minutes? I don't know what to write today.

Have you ever been carried out on a tide of sound? When the sound
dances around the edges of your brain and makes you soar through the
insides of something, but you feet never leave the ground.

Yeah I miss that.

I have the gym tonight, it should be good. I shall pump some iron and
smile and be happy and dance and sing. Sing Sing Sing. Dance Dance

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