Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day Three of Ramblings

I always forget how much I miss friends like Amy until I see them
after a long absence. She's so funny and kind, and an evening with her
is like drinking a glass full of mirth and happiness. I hope she's had
a good day to day and has done lots of fulfilling work and is enjoying
an evening's entertainment with her pet rat and lots of chocolate.

Today saw me on a train, flying through Hampshire countryside, and
being trained in XHMTL. It was interesting, reaffirming all the things
I know how to do already, and learning all the things I didn't know.
The training centre was a huge soulless place, with no windows, but
fabulous food. We had a Chinese buffet, followed by a choice of
turkish delight or lemon cheesecake. I tried a taste of the turkish
delight, but it was far too sweet for my tastes. A food coma ensued
along with food guilt, of course.

Then we came home in the rain, the pouring pouring pouring rain that
beat down on me so so so hard from the station to the house that my
trousers were soaked up to my thighs. I came into Tom, Sandy and Lula,
discussing computers and wedding clothes and cars. It's like coming
home to flowers or chocolate when friends are around, and we watched
more Hustle and ate seafood chowder from a recipe that Tom had
invented. It was delicious with chilli crackers and cold white wine.

And now I'm here, fretting over the wedding and writing XHTML code for
fun and playing with CSS horizontal menus and actually kind of
enjoying it. Which is a little weird, but there you go. Next up,
learning how to upload things to FTP. How much fun will that be.

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