Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaBloPoMo10 Church Sewing

The HUUUGGEE Banner is one iron on transfer away from being done.

Lula came over last night to keep me company whilst Tom worked late and she kindly helped me by cutting out letters to applique onto the Stewards T- shirts. I have sewed two and I am on my third out of eight. It's quite hard work, but I'm really enjoying it. I find the chug chug chug of the sewing machine extremely comforting.

It's a bit like the chug chug chug of keys on keyboards that soothes my ears at work.

This evening we're going to talk to the restaurant where we're having the meal part of our wedding reception which is very exciting. Then I shall be going to play hairdressers with Thirza, and then home to my sewing machine.

I always find it interesting how I must cram every hour of my day with stuff. I hate quiet dead periods.

I enjoyed my short stroll at lunchtime today. Peering through the windows of the Varsity that's being refurbished I saw a soft muted palette of work men in white overalls caught in a still life of eating their lunch and chatting. It was like a modern day Vermeer painting.

How beautiful!

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