Monday, November 02, 2009

NaBloPoMo 2 - Hallowing the Small Things

One of my favourite lines of liturgy in the service used at my church is "may God hallow the small things" I think this is said after the offering is give but I may be wrong.

When researching for my dissertation I spent some time considering women's work in society in ancient times. One of the more charming ideas I came across are prayers and meditations on relating to the daily work of women. These effectively turned everyday tasks into worship.

Whether or not you are relgious, I think it is good to consider the work you do from housework to your career. It is good to work mindfully considering your actions and words. I think it helps me feel fulfilled in my life to think of even the littlest things being worth while and special.

I am someone who is quite slapdash with the finish of things. I'll knit somthing carefully, then sew it up quickly because I want it finished. I'll cook nice food but serve it sloppily because I'm hungry. Obviously, this doesn't lead to the best results, mearly good enough results. So carefully considering what I do as I do it helps me see my task to it's conclusion

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