Friday, November 06, 2009

NaBloPoMo 6 7 8 Off to London!

There will be radio slience for Days 7 and 8 as I am off to London with Andy, Todd, John and Tom for one of our semi annual adventures.

We shall eat out this evening I expect once we have all arrived. If it is early enough I shall try and convince the chaps to come to as Nathan Fillion is speaking and I want to see him!

Tomorrow will be the Moctezuma Exhibition at the British Museum We go so often to see the changing exhibitions I really think I should buy membership or convince Tom to buy it for me as a Christmas Present.

I would also like to go and look around VV Rouleaux for weddingy bits.

On Sunday we'll go and look around the London Transport Museum

Mr. Todd is the man for making all this happen.

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