Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaBloPoMo 13 +14+15 Dancing Dancing Dancing Woo Dancing

Friday I rushed around getting to leave work early to steward at the Church Open evening. My T-shirts were a success, and my banner looked good billowing in the wind like a sail.

The redevelopment of the church is beautiful. It's so light and airy, with such useful spaces. The worship space is very flexible and you could even have a service in the round!

Our wedding photographer, Suz came to look at the space and show me some of her work. She kindly took some pics of the building and one of me and Tom posing where we will be saying our vows in our everyday clothes. I think it will be a nice shot as it's a marriage in the making in a building site.

We helped out at church till 8:30, then rushed home, put on our glad rags and walked up the road to catch the bus into town for some dancing. We wanted change for the bus, so I broke up my tenner by buying chocolate and flapjacks in Somerfield which we nibbled on in the queue.

John, Emma, Marmers and JClaw met us at the Wine Bar in Bedford Place and we spent a fun hour or so drinking spiced rum and ginger ale and chatting away. I was quite surprised at how empty the Wine Bar was given it was a Friday night, but that meant it was perfect for us! A couple of drinks later and we were in the queue for Reflex, the 80s night club. Coats were checked and dancing to the best cheesy music ensued for many hours.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've not been out dancing for a long time so it was a pleasant change from the normal routine. We walked home in the wind and rain and sat chatting till 3am. Tom and John even made us a curry!

Saturday morning saw me trundling up the road to see Thirza, and Christmas shopping with Emma in town. I found some purple flowers on alice bands in Primark for £1 and snapped up 4 of those for bridesmaids headdresses. I whipped up a  test one tonight and it looks quite good, with some crystal beads, green ribbon roses and peacock feathers.

Today I had a wonderful sing at church. It helped that we sang songs I knew like Crown Him With Many Crowns. Singing makes me feel like I'm rising out of myself a little bit, soaring on the music!

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