Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo 1 - Pumpkin

The first of November saw me tidying up party food and drinks at the Chaplaincy dressed at Kaylee from Firefly. I'd had the most charming afternoon sewing two pairs of combat trousers in to a khaki jumpsuit, finding an purple patterned top and twirling my hair into two bedknobs. I'd also made pumpkin rock cakes and pumpkin bread for the SCM pumkpin party.

Alas I didn't win the bake off, but I enjoyed dressing Tom as Book and Lula as Inara from Firefly and watching fun films with the SCM crowd.

Today, Tom and I went to church at St. Christophers in Thornhill, the parish with which the Southampton SCM has a link. The church family at St. Christophers really feels like a family, everyone knowing everyone else's name and people coming to the service especially to see us again and catch up since our last visit. We had a lovely lunch with the vicar and his wife and the curate and discussed everything from the X Factor to Nuclear Physics.

I found it especially interesting talking to Anne about being a vicar's wife. Tom might be going to be a vicar, so I may end up a vicar's wife. She said that you have to throw yourself into it wholeheartedly to get the most of it, and it is hard having a husband who cannot commit to any family event. Nevertheless the benefits are enormous and it is extremely rewarding. It's something that fills me slightly with dread, as if I am honest with myself, I am quite selfish. I like to have time alone to do me things, and I like to spend time with Tom alone at least once a week. Still, nothing is certain yet, so I should have plenty of time to get used to the idea if it is going to happen.

Now I think I shall knit a little more and go do some pilates.

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